Done-For-You Operational Services

Done-For-You Operational Services

Done For You Operational Services with a Bonus Leadership Practicum

Many projects are better outsourced than done DIY. The key is leading the project well. This service combines the "Done For You" work that's on your plate and the training to lead and outsource projects like this one for an optimal experience and result.

How does it work?

  • Sign up and pick your operational project:
    • Finalize & document your client onboarding process 
    • Finalize & document your weekly marketing process
    • Finalize & document your team training manual
    • Finalize & document your bookkeeping process
    • Finalize & document your team meeting process
  • If you don't see your project on the list. Let's chat. I offer custom rates for tech hook-ups, strategic plans, and more.
  • We'll meet for 1 hour so I can get all the details from you and identify any blocks you have in this outsourcing role.
  • I'll get to work on this project for you and coach you through being the LEADER rather than the DOER.
  • I'll deliver it back to you in one week along with a training session.
  • You'll have 2 weeks to ask questions over Voxer and email to ensure the work is what you need and work through anything that comes up from outsourcing and leading a project.

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