Business Ease


A 12-week program to create the right packages for your service-based business to achieve consistency in your income and schedule.

  • Nine modules to design, test, build, and launch your new packages
  • One-hour 1:1 business strategy deep-dive
  • Bi-weekly group coaching

Month 1 - Package:

  • Create a Hypothesis - meet 1:1 to review your business and create a hypothesis of package options to meet product market & founder fit
  • Market Research - guided through the process of interviewing past & prospective clients to confirm the hypothesis, includes: email scripts, interview questions, and a process of testing and confirmation
  • Package Design & Pricing - finalize your business package offerings and price effectively

Month 2 - Process:

  • Process Design - create your customer journey from prospect through package delivery and offboarding
  • Messaging -  identify, create, and test messaging to promote your new offerings
  • Automation & Outsourcing - identify and implement the right automation and outsourced tasks to make your process run smoothly

Month 3 - Profit:

  • Expert Mindset - shift your mindset around worth, leadership, and service-based work to approach each project as an expert commanding higher prices and leading the engagement
  • The Sales Conversation - learn how to guide prospects toward your standard packages, validate your rates, and close the sale in ways that align with your personality and business
  • The Numbers - set up forecasting, capacity planning, and measurement for your packages to guide your business out of the feast or famine cycle

Investment: $897 (or 3 payments of $325)

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