Return to Work Strategy Call


Are you an online business owner and a parent trying to figure out how to manage it all?

Join me for a 45-minute session to review your business, your desires for motherhood, determine the best business strategy for you, and map out a plan to make it happen!

Why 45 minutes?

  • I respect your time. I know you have a lot on your plate. I'm committed to getting you the information and strategy you need, pronto!
  • I've experienced two high-quality calls that delivered so much value for my business in this allotted time. I am a huge advocate and want to pass it forward.
  • With laser-focus and commitment to delivering strategic insights tailored to your business, we will make this one of the best 45-minutes you've ever spent in your business!

What's included:

  • An in-depth assessment of your business for you to complete ahead of our meeting.
  • A 45-minute recorded session where we'll review various business shifts, your goals, and map out a strategy that aligns with you and your business
  • A report outlining a clear plan for you to implement 

This is for any business owner that dreams of the freedom and flexibility to be the parent they want to be while still growing their business and fueling their personal ambitions.

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Business Strategy Assessment

1 Lessons

The business assessment is completed before our call so I can dive into your business.

Return to Work Strategy Call

1 Lessons

Schedule your 45-minute session here.

Review Your Report

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Review your report and ask any questions.