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MADE Ready is a local (happening virtually for now) monthly meetup, yearly retreat, and occasional speaker series happening in Longmont, Colorado. We meet monthly to learn, grow, and thrive together as moms and entrepreneurs.

As we head into 2021 for MADE Ready, we're settling into how to best structure this group and set our intentions for the year.  We feel very strongly that groups like ours are more important than ever as we all have had to pivot or shift or delay our business plans to account for economic, childcare and health challenges of these times.  And, clearly, we are all starved for community far more than ever.  As such, MADE Ready will continue to bring moms together to drive our businesses to success and support our souls through it all.

We obviously transitioned to online over the last year and, without knowing when we'll be back in-person, we decided to makes some additional changes.​​

Here's what we have for this year!

  • MADE Ready membership is transitioning to a "Pay What You Value" system. We want you to be a part of our group no matter your financial situation and we have great respect for this equitable way of exchanging value for money.  The idea is you choose what amount feels right to you, based on both your personal situation and what you feel you get out of our group.  This is our way of experimenting with the concept of creating a "flow" when it comes to the finances of this group. Rather than forcing people to pay what may or may not feel comfortable to them, we instead invite everyone to contribute what they feel in alignment with. ​
  • Within the membership, you'll receive:
    • 12 (monthly) 1.5 hour Circles
      • A circle is a time to come together in a container to share our collective wisdom.
      • Each month will be guided by an opening ritual, guided prompts, and space for everyone to share and receive what they need.
      • We will integrate modalities such as movement, meditation, mindfulness, ritual, rhythm, and healing into our tactical business strategy and knowledge exchange.
      • We may have scheduled themes and we may allow for the beauty of what arises.
      • There will be space to request topics and expert speakers on those topics.
      • Events are scheduled (online for now) on the first Thursday of each month, 1pm - 2:30pm MT

Expert Speakers

  • Anyone can request a speaker on a specific topic.
  • We will find a qualified speaker and schedule the event.
  • There will be a separate "Pay What You Value" opportunity for these events.
  • All profits from these events will go to the speaker.

Annual Fall Retreat

  • We will hold our annual Fall retreat (hopefully in-person!)
  • There will be a separate "Pay What You Value" opportunity for the retreat.

4 Modules

Monthly Meetups

Our monthly meetups gather on the first Thursday of each month, 1pm - 2:30pm MT. We are currently meeting virtually and look forward to when we can safely gather in person again. We take the time to come together, get an update on everyone's life and business, review each person's accountability task for the month, and enjoy our collective circle experience integrating modalities such as movement, meditation, mindfulness, ritual, rhythm, and healing into our tactical business strategy and knowledge exchange

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